Welcome to my website! I'm a Finnish developer, designer, artist and writer. Check out my blog where I write about my experiences and interests around various topics. Check the about page for more factual information. Also visit kauka.fi for another one of my projects.

Sincerely, Matti


The plan to blog more hasn't really caught wind yet. The main reason is that I need to be at my computer to make new entries. Tried sanity.io, a headless CMS, to make my life easier but it was a too big of a hassle to use. Haven't found a CMS with good enough UX and DX for my needs. I'll probably just wait for the GitHub app to get better.


I've been enjoying reading more blogs and less social media but I miss actually visiting blogs. As an experiment I switched from Reeder to Mailbrew and set up a weekly digest of my favourite blogs. Excited to try it out!


He says confidently, furiously knocking on a wooden table.


I've had a varied and mostly fun career in web development so far. I say mostly because there have been incredibly shitty times with crunch and bad management. I wouldn't change a thing though. The memories of the bad parts make my current job even sweeter.


Binged PsychOdyssey last week. Documentary crew embedded themselves in a video game studio for 7 years to cover how a game is made. I love how Double Fine has committed to making documentaries about their work.




Coming soon™!